At a slow pace through the Dolomites as an antidote to echo-anxiety

At a slow pace through the Dolomites as an antidote to echo-anxiety

Among the majestic Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, unfolds an extraordinary path that enchants hearts and nourishes the soul. The Cammino delle Dolomiti (Way of the Dolomites), with its 500 kilometers and 30 stages, is a journey within the province of Belluno, starting from Feltre and reaching Cortina d’Ampezzo before returning to the starting point. This circular route, crossing breathtaking landscapes and historical and spiritual places, represents a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and with oneself.

Let's explore together the transformative power of walking and discover how this journey can be a rejuvenating experience, capable of countering the chaos of modern life.

The Cammino delle Dolomiti: an experience of deep connection with the land

As the frenzy of the modern world pulls us in a thousand directions, walking becomes an anchor of peace. Step by step, we immerse ourselves in the unspoiled beauty of the Dolomites, leaving behind stress and worries. Contact with nature frees us from digital distractions and reconnects us with our authentic selves.

In this context, the Cammino delle Dolomiti reveals itself as an extraordinary experience to confront eco-anxiety. Along the way, nature speaks to us in silence and invites us to become aware of our relationship with the surrounding environment. Walking through mountains and forests, we engage in a profound dialogue with the land, learning to respect and protect it. Moving among these majestic mountains becomes an opportunity to release emotions, loosen muscular tensions, and experience a beneficial rush of endorphins.

The Cammino delle Dolomiti is a sustainable and low-impact journey, a natural antidote against anxiety and a harmonious exchange with the surrounding environment.

Cammino delle Dolomiti incontro con gli animali

A journey through history and spirituality

In addition to the scenic beauty, the Cammino delle Dolomiti offers us the opportunity to visit places of great historical and spiritual significance. From sanctuaries to locations frequented by popes such as Giovanni Paolo I, Giovanni Paolo II, and Benedetto XVI, and passing through lands that have inspired artists like Tiziano and Dino Buzzati, this journey becomes an experience that deeply connects us with the richness of history and local traditions.

Stages and technical data: preparing for the adventure

The Cammino delle Dolomiti is an experience that requires good planning. Adequate preparation will allow you to live an unforgettable experience, immersing yourself fully in the beauty of nature and the history of this marvelous land.

The 30 stages, each with different characteristics and lengths, are suitable for both novice hikers and those with more experience and physical ability. Before undertaking the Cammino, it's essential to gather information about the duration and difficulty of each stage, assessing one's own capabilities and hiking habits.

Proper equipment is crucial: sturdy and comfortable trekking boots, a spacious backpack, suitable mountain hiking clothing, and a good amount of water and food are essential items to carry.

Here are the 30 stages of the Cammino delle Dolomiti:

  1. Santuario SS. Vittore e Corona ad Anzù – Facen
  2. Facen – Cima Loreto
  3. Cima Loreto – Croce d’Aune
  4. Croce d’Aune – Arson
  5. Arson – Col Cumano
  6. Col Cumano – Sospirolo
  7. Sospirolo – Val Imperina
  8. Val Imperina – Col di Prà
  9. Col di Prà – Canale d’Agordo
  10. Canale d’Agordo – Alleghe
  11. Alleghe – Livinallongo
  12. Livinallongo – Passo Falzarego
  13. Passo Falzarego – Fiames
  14. Fiames – Son Forcia
  15. Son Forcia – Misurina
  16. Misurina – Auronzo
  17. Auronzo – Candide
  18. Candide – Val Visdende
  19. Val Visdende – Sappada
  20. Sappada – Cima Campigotto
  21. Cima Campigotto – Vigo di Cadore
  22. Vigo di Cadore – Lorenzago
  23. Lorenzago – Pieve di Cadore
  24. Pieve di Cadore – Perarolo
  25. Perarolo – Longarone
  26. Longarone – Farra d’Alpago
  27. Farra d’Alpago – Nevegal
  28. Nevegal – Belluno
  29. Belluno – Trichiana
  30. Trichiana – San Vittore

For more details on the Cammino delle Dolomiti and to start your adventure, visit the official website of the Cammino delle Dolomiti.

The Papa Luciani Centre: a refuge for the soul

At the heart of this journey lies a special place: the Papa Luciani Centre for Spirituality and Culture. Located at the end of the fifth stage, on a charming hill near Santa Giustina (BL), the Center is the ideal place to find peace and inspiration for your inner journey.

From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view that embraces the entire Valbelluna, from the Alpago mountains to the Grappa massif, from the Belluno Dolomites to the Venetian Prealps.

The warm atmosphere of the Papa Luciani Centre welcomes travelers with genuineness and friendship, offering single rooms for those seeking a moment of solitude or suitable spaces for groups to share experiences of meditation and companionship.

A few steps from the ancient courtyard, you will also discover the Oasi Bethlehem, a unique self-managed facility that offers a regenerating experience in harmony with nature. Whether you are looking for a moment of serenity alone or to share emotions with a group, the Papa Luciani Centre is the reference point for the Cammino delle Dolomiti.

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