The magic of fishing: a return to the essence

The magic of fishing: a return to the essence

The thrill of the wait, the weight of the rod, the whisper of the water speaking its own language...

You've fished in many places, but you're always on the lookout for that special spot that makes you forget the outside world. That's why you need to discover the Meschio River.

The Meschio: an ecological treasure to discover

Known in Latin as Mesulum, the Meschio River originates from three springs at the foot of Col Visentin and winds its way for 25 kilometers before joining the Livenza River, providing an ideal habitat for a variety of protected fish species. With a constant temperature of 12°C, the Meschio is a haven of biodiversity.

The Meschio River serves as a sanctuary for the Lampreda Padana, an endemic species facing the risk of extinction. For this reason, the river has been designated as a Site of Community Importance (SCI).

Pescatore sul fiume Meschio

Fish species: a world beneath the surface

The waters of the Meschio are home to a variety of fish, making each fishing trip a unique adventure. Here are some of the species you might encounter:

  • Brown trout: Known for its beauty and the fight it offers, it's one of the most sought-after catches for fly fishermen.
  • Rainbow trout: Colourful and agile, it offers a lively and rewarding fishing experience.
  • Marble trout: Unique in its kind, it's famous for its marbled spots and strength.
  • Marble hybrid: A cross between the brown and marble trout, it offers the best of both worlds.
  • Barbel: With its resilience and strength, the barbel is a challenge even for the most experienced fishermen.
  • Pike: The quintessential predator, the pike is known for its aggressiveness and power.
  • Padanian lamprey: This extremely rare aquatic vertebrate adds another layer of allure to the Meschio River. Its presence is an indicator of the ecosystem's health and underscores the importance of responsible and sustainable fishing.

Each species offers a different fishing experience, making the Meschio an ideal location for both expert and novice anglers.

Trota iridea Meschio

Fishing zones and permits

To fish in the Meschio River, you'll need a valid license and a daily permit. The fishing zones vary in terms of allowed techniques and fishing periods. The waters are open from March to October, with some specific restrictions:

  • Zones A, B, and C: fishing is prohibited on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Zones X (No Kill) and X2 (Catch & Release): fishing is prohibited on Tuesdays.
  • September: in all zones, only No Kill/Catch & Release fishing is allowed.
  • October: only fly fishing is permitted in Zone X2, known as "Catch & Release," and fishing is prohibited on Tuesdays.

The art of fly fishing: a dialogue with nature

Fly fishing is an experience that goes far beyond the simple catch; it's a silent dialogue with nature, a ballet of skill and precision that challenges both the mind and spirit. For the beginner, it's an invitation to slow down, to tune into the rhythm of the water, and to discover the satisfaction that comes from mastering a technique as ancient as it is fascinating. For the expert, it's a return to the roots, a moment to rediscover that spark of pure joy and challenge that ignited the initial passion.

In respect for the environment and fauna, fly fishing on the Meschio is practiced following the "no kill" principle, using barbless hooks. This not only minimizes harm to the fish but also elevates the fishing experience to an art form, where the challenge lies not so much in the catch as in doing so with ethics and respect.

Contact us for a memorable fishing experience

If you're ready to cast your line into the unknown and form a genuine connection with the nature surrounding you, Veneto Rivers Holiday is here for you. Contact us for information or to arrange an unforgettable fishing experience with our expert anglers.

If you wish to make your fishing adventure a complete holiday, you can stay at Hotel Calvi, where you can also purchase your daily fishing permit. Happy fishing!

Pesca a mosca fiume Meschio

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