Autumn reflections in a Canadian canoe: gliding across the water between the Pre-Alps and the Adriatic

Autumn reflections in a Canadian canoe: gliding across the water between the Pre-Alps and the Adriatic

Sailing in a Canadian canoe is like entering a dimension where time slows down and the senses are heightened. Autumn, with its warm colours and soft light, makes the experience even more magical.

In this article, we will take you on a sensory journey through the waters of the Revine Lakes and the Livenza River, two pearls of the Veneto region that turn into veritable living pictures in autumn.

The benefits of Canadian canoeing

The Canadian canoe is more than just a means of transport: it's an open window to nature, a way to rediscover the world from a different perspective. Here are some advantages of this activity:

Connection with nature: Water is the element from which everything originates, and navigating on it is a way to reconnect with nature and our deeper selves.
Versatility: Whether you're alone, with a partner, or with family, the canoe adapts to every need, offering an experience that can be as meditative as it is social.
Access to unique places: Some corners of paradise are only accessible by water. The canoe allows you to explore otherwise unreachable locations.
Soft activity: You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of canoeing. It's an activity suitable for everyone, requiring no particular physical preparation. 

Excursion to the Revine Lakes


In autumn, the Revine Lakes offer an experience that goes beyond a simple excursion. The changing leaves are reflected in the calm waters of the lake, creating a mirror effect that takes your breath away. After a brief introduction to canoeing techniques, you'll find yourself navigating through the geological and natural wonders of the area, with the opportunity to delve into the history and formation of the Veneto landscape.

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Excursion on the Livenza River


The Livenza is a karst spring river that originates at the foot of the Cansiglio Plateau and travels over 100 kilometers before flowing into the Adriatic Sea at Caorle. Along its course, the river passes through a fascinating tree-lined corridor that takes on a variety of spectacular colors in the autumn. The excursion will take you through places of extraordinary beauty, such as the "Stretta di San Cassiano", Villa Varda with its centuries-old park, Portobuffolè, a charming medieval village, and the "Prà dei Gai", a natural area of particular ecological interest. Each stage of the journey offers a unique sensory experience, making this autumn adventure unforgettable.

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In both excursions, the attention to detail and the well-being of the participants is paramount, thanks to expert guides and all the essentials to make the journey comfortable.

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