A river of flavours: an emotional journey through the gourmet cuisine of Veneto

A river of flavours: an emotional journey through the gourmet cuisine of Veneto

In this part of Veneto, the rivers that flow through landscapes and ancient cities become living metaphors for the connection between the land and its people. Here, gourmet cuisine is not just an assortment of delicious dishes. It's a culinary experience that touches the soul, unites communities, and creates an unbreakable bond with the land. Each dish is a chapter in a larger story, a story that unfolds through unique flavors, aromas, and sensations.

  Every bite is a story, every aroma a memory, and every meal a work of art.

Creativity and Contrasts at Mainor

Nestled in the heart of Hotel Calvi, Mainor Restaurant by Elia Soldera is a culinary experimentation lab. Its cuisine is a journey between the 'major' and the 'minor,' blending the essence of Venetian tradition with the audacity of international flavors. Here, the river becomes a flowing metaphor that courses through a kitchen of contrasts, inspired by the seasons, local produce, and nature itself. Located in the picturesque historic center of Serravalle in Vittorio Veneto, often referred to as the 'Little Florence of Veneto,' Hotel Calvi has been a landmark for travelers and tourists since 1912. Passionately managed by Alfredo and Flora's family for generations, both the hotel and the restaurant are gems of authenticity and quality. Complementing the experience is an idyllic garden, where the Meschio River flows gently, surrounded by an English lawn, blooming roses, and lemon trees: a peaceful oasis that enriches the gastronomic journey.

Locanda Solagna: an oasis of culinary well-being and sustainability

Since 1956, Locanda Solagna has been a beacon of authenticity and quality. With ingredients sourced from local micro-producers and Slow Food presidia, each dish is a tribute to the Earth and its seasons. But it's not just about the food: it's the hospitality, the ambiance, and the story behind each dish that make the experience at Locanda Solagna a 'small spa for the soul and palate'. Located in the quiet village of Quero-Vas, the inn is a haven of peace, far from the noise yet close to major transport routes. With the Piave River just a few meters away and the Dolomites within easy reach, it's the ideal starting point for natural adventures or gastronomic journeys through the Prosecco hills of Valdobbiadene. The inn's philosophy is embodied in its synergistic garden, a slice of paradise where ancient seeds and native varieties are cultivated in perfect harmony with nature. Every vegetable that graces the table is thus a commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and quality.

The Restaurateurs of the Livenza: a community united by taste

A group of restaurateurs share a vision: to offer a gastronomic experience that goes beyond mere food. With exclusive events like 'Il Bisàt della Livenza on the Table', these culinary professionals weave a network of relationships, not just among themselves but with their guests, creating a dining experience that is as unique as it is memorable.

In this captivating region, each restaurant is a world unto itself, a universe of flavors and stories waiting to be discovered. Yet, all these worlds are united by a common thread: the love for a territory that is as diverse as it is enchanting.

We therefore invite you to embark on this culinary journey, to discover and savor these different yet deeply connected realities. It's an adventure that promises not just delights for the palate, but also an immersion into the soul of a land and its communities.

Don't miss the opportunity to make this extraordinary corner of the world your own through the most universal and rewarding of all experiences: food.

Images © Ristorante Mainor (Milanese Communication), Hotel Calvi, Locanda Solagna.

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