Unusual Caorle: leisurely journeys between land and sea

Unusual Caorle: leisurely journeys between land and sea

Caorle, nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the countryside, stands out as an island wedged between the brackish waters of the lagoon and the river currents of the Livenza and Lemene.

Beyond its golden beaches and colorful historic center, there's a more genuine soul waiting to be unveiled at the leisurely pace of boat and bicycle. In this hidden and unique Caorle, echoes of ancient legends resonate through the alleys, and the fishing traditions are still alive, passed down from generation to generation.

In this corner of Veneto, where time seems to have paused, discerning travelers can immerse themselves in a past rich in stories and culture. From the "casoni", the ancient fishermen's dwellings, to the legends of the Madonna dell'Angelo, every detail of Caorle speaks of a community deeply connected to the sea and its lagoon.

Once a thriving maritime port serving the Roman city of Julia Concordia, Caorle, following in Venice's footsteps, became a refuge for hinterland populations fleeing barbarian invasions, where they founded the village.


Bicycle tour among the ancient fishermen's “Casoni”

The brackish ecosystem of Caorle's lagoon is a unique and vibrant habitat, a mosaic of channels, mudflats, and valleys hosting rich biodiversity. Here, many migratory bird species, like flamingos and herons, find refuge. If you choose to leave the lively beach life for a few hours, you'll enter a magical parallel world where history and nature intertwine.

Starting your bike tour from Caorle's center, head towards Levante beach. Passing the campsites and Falconera port, you'll find yourself immersed in the tranquility of the lagoon, following the Nicesolo canal.

Upon reaching the "Isola dei Pesctori" (Fishermen's Island), leave your bikes and explore the "casoni", ancient fishermen's homes made of marsh reeds and clay. These structures, reminiscent of Neolithic style with their sloping roofs and woven reed walls, are living testimonies to Caorle's history and traditions. In these shelters, built from the lagoon's generous offerings, fishermen found refuge and rest after a long day of eel and shellfish fishing.

Boat trip on the Lemene

The Lemene river, with its calm waters and green banks, winds through Caorle's hinterland, offering unusual views. A boat trip reveals hidden corners of this land, away from the beaten paths, narrating tales of ancient trades and river-bound communities.

As the waters mirror the sky and trees, you can admire remnants of the past: from historic mills, once harnessing water power to grind grains, to majestic Venetian villas symbolizing an era of prosperity and elegance, to the archaeological site of Concordia Saggitaria, the beating heart of an ancient Roman city.

Lemene excursions suit everyone: from families with children enjoying nature safely to groups of friends seeking new adventures. Remember to book in advance, especially during peak season, and opt for a guided tour to enrich your experience.

Casoni Caorle's lagoon

Evening at Klondike Caffé: the authentic essence of Caorle

After a day exploring Caorle's hidden lagoon wonders, what's better than an evening with friends, away from crowded beaches and immersed in the genuine hinterland atmosphere? Ottava Presa, one of the historic "prese" marking the ancient lagoon reclamation, hosts Massimo Zane's Klondike Caffé.

In this authentic corner, where local traditions blend with a modern flair, Klondike becomes a crossroads for locals and curious visitors. Here, evenings come alive with laughter, toasts, and melodies, while the kitchen serves delights like gourmet club sandwiches, juicy burgers, and exquisite grilled meats.

Massimo, with his typical Venetian charm, leads a team that knows how to make every guest feel special. The atmosphere is always light and casual, perfect for those seeking genuine fun.

For music lovers, Klondike doesn't disappoint. Every weekend, until September 30th, live music and DJ sets liven up the evenings, making Klondike Café the perfect end to a day discovering the real Caorle.

Book a table at Klondike

The legend of Madonna dell'Angelo

Every place has its tales, and Caorle is no exception. One of the most captivating legends revolves around the Madonna dell'Angelo.

Legend has it that centuries ago, local fishermen found a wooden statue of Madonna with Child in the sea. Miraculously, it floated despite being anchored to a heavy marble pedestal. Adults struggled to bring it ashore, but children, with inexplicable strength, succeeded. Initially placed in the Cathedral, the statue mysteriously vanished, only to be found in the seaside chapel where it still resides today, watching over Caorle and its inhabitants.

Traveling isn't just about visiting places but diving deep into a region's soul. Truly understanding Caorle, through its hidden routes and legends, reminds us of the importance of looking beyond the obvious, seeking authenticity, and connecting with the essence of places we visit. Every corner, stone, and story are pieces of a mosaic that forms Caorle's true identity. Are you ready to discover each piece?

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