Alpago vertigo. Experiences not to be missed

Alpago vertigo. Experiences not to be missed


It’s the verticality that characterizes the Alpago. A vertigo that from Lake Santa Croce, one of the largest of the Dolomites, leads quickly up ,from hairpin bends to hairpin bends, to the villages climbed at high altitude, up to the peaks or to the labyrinthine and suggestive forest of Cansiglio.
A few meters as the crow flies, a space crossed, in fact, vertically.

At the same time the Alpago is a green land of large meadows, pastures where even today you can see the peaceful and free animals, the watchdogs, their shepherds. The huts and the endless forests dotted with barracks and shelters.

panoramica Alpago

The Alpago is surrounded by imposing peaks, there are Mount Dolada and Mount Pizzoc that reach 2000 meters high, but there is also the Col Nudo that reaches 2472.

It is a hinge between the province of Belluno and that of Treviso, a soft border, crossed by both sides always, for survival reasons when there was need to emigrate to look for work in the plain, for tourist reasons now that Venetians and Treviso willingly go up to get the cool escaping from the Po heat.


Vertical and horizontal, rock and water, blend well in this territory rich in traditions, according to many magical, land of alchemists and great chefs, where tourists come willingly to blend with nature, try the wild environment, local products, kitesurfing and windsurfing at the lake, paragliding from Mount Dolada, canyoning and climbing.

The excursions and relax lying in the sun in the many bays that you can have fun finding.

Where you arrive to avoid the mass, enjoy an extraordinary nature and eat well.


The wealth and the culinary tradition of this land are extraordinary, where in the space of a few kilometers there are two starred restaurants, the Locanda San Lorenzo in Puos d'Alpago and the Dolada in Plois locality of Pieve d'Alpago that have made the flavors of the mountains and tradition a strength, combining it in modern and refined dishes.

Pastures that have made the area famous for its dairy production are the contour; here, in fact, cheeses such as Dolada, Cansiglio, Casera, schiz and a myriad of dairy products that can be purchased in shops or shelters, such as jogurt, butter and caciotta.
You might find yourself tasting typical products in the refuge and, on the same day, sinking your hands into the fragrant dough in a pastry course, before ending the day with an excursion at sunset.

Are you ready to fill up on scents, flavors and wild experiences?

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