Culinary tales sweetened with honey... set against the backdrop of the Belluno Dolomites

Culinary tales sweetened with honey... set against the backdrop of the Belluno Dolomites

Between the Dolomites and Monte Grappa, the Valbelluna serves as a natural stage for both scenic beauty and culinary delights.

The fertile land, nourished by the Piave River, gives rise to a mosaic of small-scale, high-quality productions. In this haven, the flavors of the plains and the mountains meld together, crafting a culinary experience that is a journey in itself.

Mauro Cavalet

An Oasis of authentic flavors at Mauro Cavalet's Trattoria

Just outside the center of Limana, on the road leading to Valmorel, Trattoria L'Oasi stands as a culinary gem with a breathtaking view. For two generations, the Cavalet family has built its business on a passion for cooking and a focus on local products. Mauro, the heart and soul of the trattoria, is particularly meticulous about the origin of the ingredients, selecting only the best that Valbelluna has to offer from a well-established network of local small-scale producers.

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic flavors of Venetian and Bellunese cuisine.

From pastin to snails, from frogs to Lentiai cheese, each dish is a tribute to tradition and quality. The trattoria is also known for its homemade pasta and for its seasonal-themed menus, which explore ingredients like pumpkin and mushrooms. One of the house specialties is "capei del prete", ravioli made with gnocchi dough, filled with cheese, and topped with locally-produced melted butter. A dish that, like the entire menu, is a true homage to Valbelluna.

And for those with specific dietary needs, the trattoria is a welcoming haven, thanks to its AIC certification for celiacs and gluten-intolerant guests.

Special menu dedicated to honey

During the Honey Festival, starting from mid-October, the Trattoria offers a special menu that takes you on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the region, all enhanced by honey.

  • Starter: Smoked schiz carpaccio with sweet and sour Jerusalem artichoke, mixed berry cream, and honey
  • First Course: Potato and purple carrot gnocchi with ginger and honey
  • Main Course: Guinea fowl leg with chestnut honey and baked potatoes
  • Dessert: Apple strudel with vanilla sauce, salted caramel, and wildflower honey

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Did You Know?: "Schiz" is a cheese that originates from the mountain dairies of Belluno, made from fresh milk curds. The name refers to the original production method, where the curd waste would "splash" out of the molds during the compression phase. With its delicate and sweet flavor, it's a highly digestible food that retains the fresh aroma of milk. It is generally served in slices.

Miele di Limana

The honey: Limana's golden alchemy

The flower-filled meadows surrounding Limana provide an ideal habitat for bees, making its honey especially exquisite. What truly sets this honey apart, however, is the practice of nomadic beekeeping. By following the seasonal blooms, beekeepers move their hives to capture the essence of the flowers that blossom at different times of the year.

Limana is also home to Apidolomiti, a cooperative that has represented the pinnacle of Belluno beekeeping since 1975. With over 600 members and a DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition for the Honey of the Belluno Dolomites, it stands as a shining example in the Veneto food sector.

To celebrate this bounty, the Honey Festival is held every year from mid-October, with the next edition scheduled for October 13-14-15 and 20-21, 2023.

During the event, visitors can discover a variety of honeys, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Acacia Honey: Sweet and delicate, perfect for sweetening without altering the flavor of foods.
  • Chestnut Honey: Strong and slightly bitter, ideal for meats and cheeses.
  • Wildflower Honey: A blend of flowers offering a complex and varied flavor.
  • Linden Honey: Known for its relaxing properties, often used in herbal teas.
  • Dandelion Honey: Distinctive and bold, often used in audacious culinary creations.
  • Rhododendron Honey: Rare and precious, with a distinctive floral aroma.
  • Spruce Honeydew: A dark and rich honey, with notes of resin and walnut hulls.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this paradise of authentic flavors. Book now at Trattoria L'Oasi for a journey that goes beyond gastronomy, diving into the culture of Valbelluna.

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