Piccola Roubaix in Valle del Biois

An exciting tour that crosses the Valle del Biois along the cycle path, valley floor, paths and small roads that mainly connect the high hamlets of the Valle del Biois and the municipality of San Tomaso Agordino to return to Alleghe. All the hamlets crossed are characterised by spectacular architectural and scenic elements and are each worth a stop. The cycling characterisation of this route is given by the unpaved stretches with different types of terrain, which are so captivating and rewarding that it was decided to number them in different 'sectors', evoking the classic monument of stones with the tour name 'Little Roubaix of the Biois Valley'.

We set off as usual from the town of Alleghe to reach Cencenighe at the moment along the SR 203 until the cycle path that used to run along the bottom of the valley and was destroyed by Hurricane Vaia is restored. At the entrance to Cencenighe, one enters the old part of the village crossed by a narrow road paved with cobblestones. This is the first symbolic stretch of pavé 350m long, which we call 'sector 1'.

Having taken the road to Falcade, we keep to the left of the tunnels and immediately enter 'sector 2'. which is a short, recently resurfaced dirt track that leads to the old, now disused road. Ride along it for about 500m until, on the left, a track branches off towards the Biois torrent, which is crossed by a bridge.

This is where the Valle del Biois cycle path begins, which we follow as far as Canale D'Agordo "Sector 3" After crossing the road into the village, we follow the signs for the cycle path to Falcade. "Sector 4" and continue across the Falcade plain as far as the playground area.

You now climb up the old road of the old town centre towards the church and immediately after the "Bruna Sport" shop you turn left onto a series of 4 mule tracks distinguished by a characteristic rounded smooth stone surface called "Salesà" in the local dialect, which first leads to Falcade Alto "Sector 5" "Sector 6" "Sector 7" and from here, next to the small church, "Sector 8" reaches the small road that soon reaches the hamlet of "Somor". The climb in the latter sectors is particularly steep and reserved for E-motorbikes. For the muscular bikes, it will be necessary to push a few sections or alternatively climb up to "Somor" along the vehicular road.

After crossing Somor, the great traverse between the high hamlets begins, and the following slightly downhill wooded section is exciting; "Sector 9".

This leads to the hamlet of Le Coste, where care must be taken: right at the start of the hamlet, turn left onto a steep path marked by signs for the hamlet of Valt. The gradient and condition of the path require you to push your mountain bike up the 200 metres or so that lead to the junction with the mule track from Malga ai Lach down to Valt.

This section forces one to use the 'walk assist' function for the electric bike. "Sector 10".

Alternatively, it is possible to descend along the road towards Tabiadon di Val and from here climb up to Valt on asphalt. At the end of the steep ascent through the woods, you come to the nearby mule track that connects Malga ai Lach to "Valt", which is reached by a very pleasant descent. "Sector 11"

Valt: a hamlet of notable rural beauty is crossed by passing near the small church and to the right proceeding on asphalt near the fountain and then crossing a bridge. Climb up the small road to the first hairpin bend where, on the right, the mule track comes off which descends through a small wood to a crossroads where you turn left, climbing steeply towards "Sappade". "Sector 12".

  Having reached the "Piccola Baita" holiday farm, proceed through the beautiful hamlet, crossing it completely until after an asphalt ramp where you turn right halfway up the hillside with the road surface always in perfect condition. Beware of a fork in the road which is not well signposted, it will be advisable to consult the GPS in order to take the right path which leads to "Colmean" "Sector 13"

From Colmean a small tarmac stretch to "Feder", where in the heart of the hamlet near the little church you turn left uphill following the signs for F.lla Lagazzon. These wonderful unpaved sections, interspersed with the mule track that descends from Jore, are "Sector 14" and "Sector 15".

From Forcella Lagazzon you descend quickly downhill on tarmac to "Vivaio Piccolin" and on the left, following the signs for Cogul, you enter the forest again. Here too, watch out for forks to be checked with the GPS. The new cart track that climbs towards "Cogul" is excellent. "Sector 16"

We now leave the small hamlet by descending in the direction of F.lla San Tomaso, which is well signposted. A steep asphalted climb takes you up to it, and just before the top of the hill, the dirt stretch "Sector 17" begins, which then continues downhill towards the hamlet of Pianezze. (Watch out for the U-turn junction" to mbocca the route that leads to the hamlet of "Pianezze" in the municipality of San Tomaso Agordino

From here, only the most experienced can continue by climbing up to Pecol di San Tomaso to take the steep, narrow and technical path that descends to Forchiade and which, in addition to the single track, also includes a section by hand to overcome a landslide before reaching the "Sector 18" valley floor.

(This demanding section can be avoided by descending along the asphalt road to Avoscan and from there ascending to Forchiade with a short section on the SR 203 and returning along the route taken on the outward journey)

We are almost at the end. Having crossed the SR 203, go up the old road which passes through the hamlet of "Le Pale" already travelled on the outward journey as far as Masarè and then Alleghe to close the tour.

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