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The penetration of the Roman legions into the area of Monte Civetta was contemporary with the birth of Christ. From that moment on, on the undulations adjacent to the great mountain, the first boundaries were established that the conquerors imposed in their geopolitical organisation.

Between Monte Fertazza, Monte Coldai and the Ziolere, three inscriptions have been found indicating the boundary between the Roman provinces of Iulim Carnicum and Belluno.

The inscriptions bearing the words FIN-BEL-IVL, already known to the mountain dwellers, were brought to everyone's attention in the 1930s by mountaineer and local writer Domenico Rudatis. Subsequently, other in-depth studies were carried out, especially by Giovanni Angelini, whose works we refer to for further details.

The three locations can be reached by hiking, but not without some difficulty, and therefore require attention and mountain experience. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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El Tap da le Parole

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