Palazzo Pivetta-Stefani

The majestic Palazzo Pivetta (17th century), the ancient residence of the Conti family, later bought by the Pivetta-Stefani family, stands at the beginning of the descent of via "Karèra".

It is said that here the patriot Pier Fortunato Calvi was hosted for about ten days, after the failure of the 1848-49 revolt in Cadore. Welcomed by Maria, wife of the noble Stefani and sister of his lieutenant Cadorin of Lorenzago di Cadore, he was forced to escape from a sudden Austrian raid, jumping from a balcony of the palace, through the "Karèra", in the direction of Feltre.

The "Karèra" is the ancient cart road that goes up from Puner towards the center of Mel, embedded between massive walls passes under two large arches, above which the Conti family built their palace in the seventeenth century. Once it was all paved with pebbles (like the Roman streets). Remarkable is the capital of via "Karèra" on which you can read A.S.F.F.P.S.D. letters that mean "Antonio Sovilla made do for his devotion". Legend has it that a thief who had stolen money from the alms box had his right hand cut off on the spot.

Continuing, after a few meters, the "Karèra" crosses the street "Čòpa" and enters the main square, between the Town Hall and the Cappello inn. According to some studies, which support the presence of a castle in the upper part of the current town, the "Karèra" was an access road in addition to the north of the square and the outlet of the district from the walls.

Unmistakable location immortalized in the shots of photographers, wedding albums and on Instagram!

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Palazzo Pivetta-Stefani

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