Il bosco dei villaggi - Da Caprile a Masarè

The high hamlets on the orographic right of the stretch of the Cordevole, which joins Caprile to Alleghe, are connected by daring silvopastoral roads.

These allow their inhabitants to carry out wood clearing to heat their homes during the winter months. The main characteristic of these tracks, which are not much wider than a path, is that they allow the passage of a mountain tractor, and thanks to them, in addition to wood, it is also possible to transport the tools and materials needed to build a mountain hut. In fact, there are numerous huts that you will come across at the most spectacular points along the route, characterised by their typical cross-beam architecture.

The hamlets crossed recall both the beauty of the places and the sacrifices of the mountain people in building and living in these outposts clinging to the mountain slopes. The starting point is the centre of Caprile. Cross the pedestrian bridge over the Cordevole and turn right into the wood, following the "Sentiero naturalistico Masarè-Malga Ciapela". The first part is flat and excellent for preparing your legs for the severe slopes that follow.

At the metal bridge, turn left towards Pezzè. Follow the Cai signs to reach the village, where the first fountain is providential. Leaving Pezzè, the existing steep path has now given way to a new road which climbs to "Caraco Cimai". The gradient begins to be felt and after a few ramps you will reach the airy hamlet of "Caracoi Cimai", where the view on the opposite side of the valley will not fail to catch your eye. On leaving the village you pass by a fountain and, comforted by a sign indicating "Giardogn", take the little road that climbs into the woods.

This is where the real action begins! Soon the gradients become steep and you suddenly gain height. When you reach a nice clearing, you will find the first mountain hut and, once you have caught your breath, the climb continues. Just above, in Frena, there is a junction: to the right you would climb towards the Sasso Bianco hut and the peak of the same name, but continue to the left following the sign indicating the village of "Bramezza". Shortly after another fork; a red and white sign halfway up a fir tree indicates a small road to the left, but instead you continue straight uphill keeping to the same track to reach a series of clearings, ideal for resting and snacking, these are characterised by the presence of numerous private huts and above all by highly spectacular views of the north-west face of the Civetta and the Pelmo massif.

The progression is really pleasant for the view and also for the end of the altimetrical difficulties. Further on you will come to a "little valley" called "Val d'Ajer" and, thanks to two hairpin bends, you will cross the detrital area and begin the descent on the opposite side towards Bramezza. Cross the new road that climbs up to Malga Bur and continue downhill until you are soon in sight of the village.

This is a beautiful village that cannot be reached by car, but in good weather it will be easy to meet someone. Here there is some extraordinary architecture to admire and before descending to the bottom of the valley there is a beautiful gift: after crossing the village to the right you can enjoy a superb view of Alleghe and its lake. Take the path indicated by the sign indicating the descent to Saviner; this immediately becomes rather narrow and requires attention.

The gorge below determines a different vegetation from the one encountered so far but the steep slope makes distractions difficult. When you reach Saviner, cross the small square and continue straight ahead, taking the path along the line of houses until you cross the small road that runs alongside the lake. At the end of this, at a house, another very short path leads to the rope bridge that crosses the Cordevole torrent near its mouth.

A few metres along the embankment towards Alleghe and a refreshment point at the centre of a small playground will invite you to take a well-deserved rest.

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Il bosco dei villaggi - Da Caprile a Masarè

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