Alleghe, itinerario tra arte e natura

Itinerary through art and nature in and around the village with artist Laura Ballis

The start of this artistic itinerary is set at the rectory of the Church of San Biagio in the centre of Alleghe, where a beautiful graffito depicting San Biagio the Patron Saint of Alleghe stands above the entrance door. From here, after visiting the church, which houses a cycle of frescoes by Valentino Rovisi, we descend via Monte Pape to the lake and proceed to the left, skirting along the lake and the Ice Stadium to the start of the cableway.

From here you proceed towards Masarè, but at the height of the Alleghe cemetery you make a diversion that leads to the cemetery where inside on the cusp of the building there is a dry painting that has the task of guarding and watching over the place. Descend to the road and you will reach Masarè in about a kilometre where, at the height of the Residence Regina, you will take via dei Pini to the new park named 11 January 1771 in memory of the landslide which broke away from Monte Piz and formed Lake Alleghe.

You now descend along Via Pascoli for a few metres where, on the left above the portico of an old carpentry shop, you will find a fresco, somewhat ruined by the weather, depicting a Madonna and Child. Back on the regional road on the building opposite, next to the Hotel Adriana, are four works. Two on the east corner depict St John Nepucemo and Angels. On an inner courtyard to the south, a fresco entitled 'The Family' can be seen, and to the side, a graffito that recalls old traditions entitled 'Pagaruoi and Pagarele'. We take the opportunity to continue around the lake with beautiful views of the village of Alleghe.

The next painting is not visible from the road but only from the boat. In fact, it is located under the rock that falls sheer into the lake in front of Alleghe. You can, however, postpone the vision to the first pedal boat tour or alternatively view it from the Alleghe-Dolomiti.it website, where this route is posted. Completing the panoramic tour of the lake, you cross the bridge over the Cordevole and at the entrance to the Ristorante la Cambra you can admire the next graffito. For the next one, however, it is necessary to move to the main road and walk a few metres along the side of the road on a house to the right to find the graffito depicting "El Marangon" or the carpenter, which recalls the nearby "De Toni" carpentry shop

From here, for those who are more accustomed to mountain trails, it is possible to cross the road and take the path leading to the locality of "Dorich" the condition of the path is not optimal and alternatively you can walk along the pavement as far as the Alleghe Town Hall. From "Dorich" continue along the silvopastoral road towards the panoramic hamlet of "Cordella" and from here, along the asphalted road to "Le Ciodare". Those who continue on to the town hall can climb up to "Cordella" by first reaching "Casaril" and taking the short but steep path which climbs up to "Cordella" and then, admiring the view, reach "Le Ciodare" .

Taking Via De Gasperi downhill, a work depicting a Dolomite legend stands out on the wall of a house to the left on the west side. Continuing along Via De Gasperi, you reach Piazza Vecchia and from here descend to the central Piazza Kennedy, where the graffito "I Fiori di Paola" (Paola's Flowers) can be seen on the exterior façade of the Alle Alpi hotel, and the graffito dedicated to "Bacchus" can be seen on the building opposite the Enoteca on the Lake side. Around the same building a new graffito adorns a wall bordering a private garden with a lake view. It too recalls a Dolomite legend entitled "Le Aivane del Coldai".

A few more steps towards the main road and we close the tour by reaching the artist's studio where other beautiful works can also be admired from the outside. For those who would like to have their homes decorated with one of these works and thus embellish the village by integrating this tour, the artist Laura Ballis can be contacted at this email address:

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Alleghe, itinerario tra arte e natura

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