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I study in Venice, but almost every weekend I go home to my family and here my place of heart is undoubtedly the Castagner de Balech in Cilladon di Quero. It’s the best-known tree in the area, it’s very old, but you don’t really know its age. There are those who say it is 200 years old and those who push to give it 400 and more, certainly it is very old.

It is located in the Schievenin Valley, a Must for those who love climbing. It is a wild, inaccessible area, even difficult to reach, along the path that goes up to Mount Tomatico. They are almost unknown places, still uncontaminated, that reward with their beauty the curious who arrive there, climbers, hikers and anyone looking for a little silence.

I like to walk up there, then sit on the ground with my back against the trunk and remain silent.

I find it to be a magical, meditative place. I love that old chestnut tree that for centuries every year in spring sprouts and in autumn gives us its chestnuts.

If you come to see him, put your hand on his trunk, listen and who knows, maybe the old chestnut tree will have some ancient story to tell you!

Lucrezia, 21 anni.


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