Certosa di Vedana

The Certosa of Vedana is located in the place where was the ancient hospice of San Marco di Vedana, dating back to the Early Middle Ages. This is attested by a papal bull of October 1155, in which Adrian IV placed under his protection the canons of Belluno and declared them in perpetual ownership of the hospice of Agre and the church.

In 1455 the Chapter of the Cathedral of Belluno wrote to the Superior General of the Carthusians and the Order accepted the proposal to settle in Vedana and in 1457 the sale of the Hospice of Vedana owned by the Chapter to the Carthusian fathers of the Rule of San Brunone with the obligation to continue to practice assistance to pilgrims.

The old hospice probably reflected the design of the ancient rural house of Belluno and dates back to 1145-1150, and was built as a hospital for pilgrims.

In February 1695 a fire caused extensive damage to the buildings and also destroyed important documents such as notary protocols, donations, titles, and gift reports; from that moment, after a difficult restoration of the premises, there were no more significant construction works, but work was carried out to decorate the church and the rooms.

On September 7, 1768 the Venetian Senate decided to apply to the clergy regular measures of suppression; the decree is developed in eleven chapters or paragraphs, through a tight writing, and is approved with one hundred and five votes in favour, eighteen against, fifty-four not "sincere". On September 8 1769 the monks had to leave the Charterhouse of San Marco di Vedana and move to the nearby Charterhouse of Montello. In 1771 the Venetian patrician Nicolò Erizzo bought the Charterhouse and its assets for 101.000 ducats, gave it to the Segato family for rent and converted it into a farm.

On June 13, 1792, in the former prosecutor's cell, Benedetto Segato and Giustina Lante of Belluno gave birth to Girolamo Segato, known as the petrifier.

In 1882 the Fathers of Pavia resumed possession of the monastery excluding land and property once owned by the Charterhouse. The complex was then subjected to major restoration. The Order of Carthusian Monks remained there until 1977, then the complex remained uninhabited until 1998 when it was housed the community of cloistered nuns from the Carthusian Monastery of Riva of Pinerolo until 2014.

In 2018 a community of cloistered nuns Perpetual Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament, dedicated to the uninterrupted prayer before the solemnly exposed Blessed Sacrament, took office in the Charterhouse. The monastic complex cannot be visited.

The monastic church (of San Marco) contains important paintings, including three altarpieces; the large one of the high altar by Francesco Frigimelica il Vecchio in 1610 and the other two of the side altars "of the brothers" by Sebastiano Ricci. Through an agreement with the Carthusian Order and the diocese of Belluno-Feltre these works are exhibited at the diocesan museum of Feltre.

In the spring of 1947 Don Albino Luciani future Pope Giovanni Paolo I retired for a whole month in the "bishopric" of the Charterhouse of Vedana.

Masses are open to the faithful on weekdays and holidays.

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Certosa di Vedana

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